Thursday, 26 June 2008

"Best present ever" now online! + New neftoons launch

On Newgrounds!

Oooor youtube... well, youtube link coming soon.

Or you could watch it on the brand spanking new Neftoons revamp! :D

There's a few things left to add, but mostly it's finally done.. With a lot of help from Simon, who did the majority of the css coding and layout setup. Look ma, no tables!

Also today was my first day at work and it was just fantastic. I was designing characters all day :D

I'm gonna post some sketches now.

Meet gadgetgirl, who would probably work well with Astrogirl. I should hope so, as they were kinda designed to work together.

Very sketchy Astrogirl.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Pet cats

Some random peoples' cats :)

Saturday, 14 June 2008

"Best present ever" in the Glammies

The Glammies have come and gone, and my short film was awarded "Best 2D animation". Yay! It was really nice hearing people telling me they enjoyed my short- makes all the work worth it.

I'm not sure when it will be online, as I'm still fixing things up to make it internet-worthy. Shouldn't take too long.

Not to leave you without any artwork, here's a page from the character development process for Clarabell, the main character.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Astrogirl + "Best present ever" update

Some random character designs I came up with for a spacey type superpowered girl.. and a little robotic sidekick, whose design is inspired by a robot drawing by Ben williams, another GCADT person.

About my latest cartoon... It's finished! The first screening is happening tomorrow at my college's big shindig event, the Glammies. The toon isn't going to be online for at least another week, so here's a teaser screenshot...