Saturday, 14 June 2008

"Best present ever" in the Glammies

The Glammies have come and gone, and my short film was awarded "Best 2D animation". Yay! It was really nice hearing people telling me they enjoyed my short- makes all the work worth it.

I'm not sure when it will be online, as I'm still fixing things up to make it internet-worthy. Shouldn't take too long.

Not to leave you without any artwork, here's a page from the character development process for Clarabell, the main character.


Darren Fereday said...

It was well deserved! It blew me away as i watched it, i felt after that i should have been the one offering YOU the fruit pastels!

Truly, all the best for the future! But it seems it's in your hands already, so no worries!

And good luck for your competition that i think the deadline is today?!!! All my best!

Allyn said...

she's such a cute character, looks like she'd be really fun to animate!

kate said...

YAYS YOUR FILM! It was indeed epic =]

I saw the link you posted on my blog, Lmao at that kitten, so cuuuuute! *squidges it*

I love your cat pics too btw, so full of character! (yeh I'm a crazy cat lady, pretty much... :D)