Friday, 4 May 2012

"Best Present Ever" Pitchwork - 1

Some of you might know that the idea behind my graduation short "Best Present Ever" was optioned and pitched as a series by "Dinamo Productions" nearly 3 years ago.The project got some attention from broadcasters but unfortunately didn't get the backing needed for it to become a reality.

The silver lining to this, is that I've at last been given the go ahead to post the artwork from the pitch! I've got some fun designs and storyboards lined up to show you so check back! :)

Both Clarabell and Sparky got re-designs! Clara needed to look older for the pitch, so she became taller with a slightly smaller head. I wasn't entirely happy with the eyes or the final colouring and planned to revisit them if the show was picked up.

I decided Sparky should be much bigger than he was in the short, as what's the point of having a pet dinosaur if you can't ride it around?

The unfamiliar character on the giant spider robot was a new addition, meant to be Dr Gloop's assistant. More on him later.

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