Monday, 16 November 2009

BPE on Nickelodeon?! ...Oh and Shiny! too

My short has made it into the finals of the Nickelodeon Animation festival :D

It's super exciting, even though I haven't won any of the main prizes.

Still, I have some faint, misguided hopes about the "Viewers choice" award, so please vote for my animation if you like it!

Shiny! is also on there somehow, so you could vote for that one too if you want.

They're going to be on TV soon! Tuesday 11/17 at 4:58PM ET on Nicktoons in the US.
Shiny! is going to be shown on Friday 11/20 at 4PM ET :D

As a thanks for reading all that, here's a picture!

..I don't know either.


brian estrada said...

hey krystal your BPE short is awesome by far my favorite in the nicktoons contest! check out my blog im working on my senior thesis now here in california, hope its nearly as good as yours!

kungfoowiz said...

Voted, good luck for the competition.

brian estrada duh said...

hey krystal, it wont be done until the spring i have the animatic finished and should be putting it up soon. do you have facebook or something? its easier to talk on thier i wanted to ask you some stuff about your film.

if u do look me up on facebook brian estrada theres a picture of me holding up a cheese fry, my schoosl woodbury university

or do you have an email?