Thursday, 14 February 2008

Toonboom test

Our latest project between projects at college involved throwing things at Toonboom along with a short audio clip, until they resembled some sort of animation.

Click to view the avi file!

I'll admit, for the first day I loathed the program, but afterwards I really grew to like it! Some of it's features make it much easier to work with than Flash.

In other, unrelated news, I found out yesterday that liked my Shiny! film so much, they uploaded it to their youtube channel!
This is both awesome and weird, since I had already uploaded it to my own youtube account..

..and their upload has more hits than mine! Oh the injustice! Seriously though, I'm not complaining, this just means another 13k people have watched my short. Huzzah!


Allyn said...

haha great test, wish we'd done toonboom while i was at uni.

Ash Collins said...

looks fab that does! unfortunately I have to say that toonboom sucks, a buggy software with good intentions but poor aim. although flash would benefit from the ability to peg layers to one another....

Todd Shmetter said...

ooo toon boom

did you guys get a copy of it?

i really wanna use it for its scanning and vectorising. i managed to get hold of a copy of an older version called toonboom solo but thats the closest i got.

if you do know anyone who has it pleaaase tell me =P

did graham even mention how good it is for scanning hand drawn sheets? i tried it in solo and its miles ahead of that shitey animo =P

i liek the soundclip too =] hehe

just watched the new southpark episode last night .. the one where britney kills herself and they all think its her new look =P